Product In Photoshop

Using Traditional Lighting to Light Your Product Shot

Using a traditional light bulb to light your product shot would be the same bulb that is found in your lamp fixture at home. These bulbs are inexpensive, easy to find and will create a good product photo if done correctly. These bulbs come in two types: fluorescent and incandescent.

The incandescent bulbs are being phased out in the United States since florescent bulbs are a more efficient way to go and will last longer than the incandescent bulb. The incandescent bulb has a lower light temperature and will give a warmer appearance then the fluorescent bulb when shooting your product photography. When checking how many watts the bulb puts out, a 60 watt incandescent bulb is equivalent to a 15 watt florescent bulb and these are good wattages to begin with since they are not to dull and not too bright. When photographing products it is important not to wash out the image.

When selecting a bulb here are a few suggestions on what to look for. If you will be using multiple lights for your product photography make sure they are the same color temperature bulbs. All you need to do is buy two identical bulbs from the same manufacturer. You can also purchase a daylight bulb that will have a color temperature of about 5,000K and that can be used if you will be doing your product shots in a room where daylight is coming in through a window. This will allow all the light hitting your product shot to be the same color temperature and will avoid color casts. If at all possible it is always best to do your product photographer in a dark room where you have full control of the lighting.