How CD/DVD Duplication Boosts Your Business

You already know that handing out your business card and placing an ad in a strategic location is a great way to build your customer base and spread the name of your brand. Another great way to boost your business is through CD/DVD duplication. Whether you’re a musician or a business, actually showing people what you do is a great way to get on the road to success. It saves you money and time, helps you reach more customers, and gives your customers something tangible to keep with them.

Save Money and Time on Printing Costs

Duplicating your own CDs and DVDs takes a lot of time and money. If you don’t have professional equipment, it takes even longer. By having your discs professionally duplicated, you save yourself a lot of time and money. All of that can be put toward building and advertising your business or music.

Reach More Customers

By printing a lot of discs, you can hand out more to customers or agents. This means you have a better chance at building your customer base and reaching those who can help you succeed.

Give Customers Something Tangible

Customers love to leave with something tangible. A business card is great, but a disc is something they can watch or listen to once they’re out of your sight. It’s a perfect way to let them know exactly what you do. Consider CD/DVD duplication for boosting your business or music career.

Business Printing

Get Your Content Out in the Public Eye

Even though many advertisements and company documents have moved into entirely digital and computer based formats, having access to a good business printing San Diego agency is still important. There is something to be said for holding a piece of paper; the tangible experience can bring customers, clients, or partners closer to your company without them even realizing it.

Good Versus Bad Printing

When printing is done right, it is something that goes largely unnoticed, and that is just how it should be. On the other hand, when a company uses a lower-quality printer for their important documents and paper materials, the bad printing is like a sore thumb and sticks out for everyone to see. It is far better that the content you wish to print speaks for itself, rather than its message being sabotaged by poor printing or less than stellar craftsmanship.

Trust the Experts

Whether you want to make sure that the packets or documents you distribute are clearly legible or you want to make a statement with your paper advertisements, trusting exceptional business printing is essential. Work with the experts to have your materials printed on time, and even request professional graphic design services to perfect your materials. By investing is a better product, businesses who still rely on paper advertisements, brochures, and other literature make their messages more likely to be successful.

Budweiser Shot

Make Your Product Image Pop With Commercial Photography

A picture can speak a thousand words. When it comes to your product, you want that picture to be the best possible version of it. Commercial photography will help capture images of your product in the best possible light, and will help sell your product when combined with marketing strategy.

Commercial differs from recreational photography in that it is used to sell a product or service, marketing products and businesses. The photographs can be used in advertising, product placement, merchandising, brochures, menus, leaflets and other marketing materials. Commercial photographs are often taken in a studio, whereas industrial photography typically shoots on site or on a factory floor.

Commercial photographs of a product can focus upon the product’s design, or upon the product’s use. Both will reveal details of the product in its best light and will focus upon what makes the product the most attractive.

If the product is the business itself, in order to help promote the business photographs can be taken of architecture, buildings, and people that comprise the business. If the product is food, photographs of food can be used in menus, ads, and magazines. Photos can focus on idealizing the food, help paint the setting, or illustrate the venue.

For commercial photography, experience taking still life shots, with lighting, and backgrounds will help create the best images. Commercial photographs will help sell your product.

Compositional Aids in Architectural Photography

When using architectural photography to tell a story about your subject, there are many different elements to consider. Some aspects such as lighting sources, framing, or perspective, might seem a little obvious. Other factors, such as historical background, weather conditions, or using non-subject features to accent the composition, may not come so readily to mind. However, adding these types of layers to your piece may help you to show your viewers something surprising and delightful.

Using Your Environment

Typically, you might think that clear skies are preferable when shooting a structure or a landscape. However, with architectural photography, you can produce a striking image in any kind of weather. Natural light is important, but if you’re hoping for a more intriguing tone, revisit the subject under stormy skies or during heavy fog. Wet terrain also creates many reflective surfaces that can add extra layers of dimension with which to play.

History and Symmetry

The historical significance of architecture can often contribute to its beauty in small, detailed ways. Do a little research, and you may find some nuggets of inspiration. Look for focal points or symmetrical patterns of period designs across the fascia. Close ups with long focal lengths can help you use these features to enhance your overall composition.

Architectural photography is a beautiful and visually dynamic way to display the finest qualities of your subject and your talent. Look for some of the more unique aspects available to you when composing your scene, and then prepare to amaze and inspire.

Product In Photoshop

Using Traditional Lighting to Light Your Product Shot

Using a traditional light bulb to light your product shot would be the same bulb that is found in your lamp fixture at home. These bulbs are inexpensive, easy to find and will create a good product photo if done correctly. These bulbs come in two types: fluorescent and incandescent.

The incandescent bulbs are being phased out in the United States since florescent bulbs are a more efficient way to go and will last longer than the incandescent bulb. The incandescent bulb has a lower light temperature and will give a warmer appearance then the fluorescent bulb when shooting your product photography. When checking how many watts the bulb puts out, a 60 watt incandescent bulb is equivalent to a 15 watt florescent bulb and these are good wattages to begin with since they are not to dull and not too bright. When photographing products it is important not to wash out the image.

When selecting a bulb here are a few suggestions on what to look for. If you will be using multiple lights for your product photography make sure they are the same color temperature bulbs. All you need to do is buy two identical bulbs from the same manufacturer. You can also purchase a daylight bulb that will have a color temperature of about 5,000K and that can be used if you will be doing your product shots in a room where daylight is coming in through a window. This will allow all the light hitting your product shot to be the same color temperature and will avoid color casts. If at all possible it is always best to do your product photographer in a dark room where you have full control of the lighting.

Old Yellow Photo

Why Do My Photos Turn Yellow?

There are a few reasons that cause your photos to turn yellow and fade.

Some photographic papers are made of cellulose from trees. This type of paper can yellow over time when it comes in contact with certain acids that are in the air. The best way to stop this from happening is to keep your photographs in archival bins. If you photographs are mounted in a frame us a buffered matte. The buffered matte has a chemical in it that neutralizes the acid in the air.

When making your prints from a digital photo it is best to use archival paper. This type of paper is made from cotton instead of fibers from a tree. If you have a black and white photo you should wash the photo in PH neutral water for a couple of hours. Then follow up by toning the print with a selenium toner that will remove the acidic halides.

There are several reasons why color prints turn yellow over time. A normal C type print uses dye coupled silver halides. When the photograph is printed the silvers are rinsed away leaving the dyes on the photographic paper. No matter what you do all dyes will degrade over time. Since yellow dyes last the longest the photo will turn yellow.

Having your photographs turn yellow can be avoided by using pigment inks instead of dyes to print your photographs. Inkjet printers will work best as long as you use archival cotton paper. There is nothing that can be done to prevent dye photographs from color shifting over time, but you can slow the process down by using a UV glass if you will be framing the photograph.

Video Equipment

What Video Equipment Do I Need In Order To Produce A Video?

When producing a video you want to make sure you use good equipment in order to have the end result look and sound great. The last thing you want is video that ends up looking and sounding bad especially if it is representing your company.  This is why it is important to purchase good quality video, audio and lighting equipment.

Buying the Video Camera. It is important to purchase a good HD camera that will be able to deliver quality HD video. This does not mean you need to go out and spend $10,000.00 dollars on a high end Sony HD Broadcast camera. There are plenty of choices on the market today that will deliver a high quality HD picture for under $500.00. These cameras will usually be a single chip HD Camera that should have enough bells and whistles to acquire good video footage. It is important to look for a camera that has an audio input jack so you can connect a microphone to it. Most electronic stores like Best Buy should offer an affordable HD camera.

Buying a Microphone. Good audio is just as important as having good video. Again you do not have to spend a fortune on a wireless microphone system to record good audio. You can purchase a nice lapel microphone off Ebay or Amazon for under $50.00. Make sure it has the proper connection for your camera.

How about Lighting. If you are shooting indoors then you will need proper lighting to give you good quality video. Without proper lighting your image will appear grainy. Trying to use the available indoor lighting will create shadows on your talents faces and will not look correct. There are two options for lighting, buy a lighting kit online, usually 3 lights will do the job or you can rent one from a company that rents video equipment. This is a great way to go since you will be getting better lighting for a low rate. They usually will rent a light kit for about $30.00 to $40.00 per day.

Buying a Tripod. Since the small HD cameras are so light you can get a nice tripod from a photography store that will fit your needs. Make sure you bring the camera with you and test it on the tripod. You want to make sure you can pan and tilt with the tripod smoothly. A lot of times when you buy your camera it will come with a tripod.

Making Your Old Photos Look New Again

Have your old photos been locked away in an attic or closet for the last few decades? When your photos are left sight unseen for so many years they stand the chance of serious damage. From fading, tears, scratches and more the best thing you can do is have your photos digitally restored to preserve them for generations to come.

With today’s technology, having your old photos restored by a professional company has become a relatively easy process. Most companies will allow you to scan and upload your photo so there is no need to send the photo in and stand the chance of further damage or loss of the photo. You will need to follow there instructions so you can give them a quality scan to work with. If you do not have a scanner available then make sure to ship your photos with a company that uses tracking numbers such as Fed X or UPS. With today’s tracking technology there is very little chance of your precious photos being lost.  It is also very important to package your photos correctly so further damage will be avoided.

When sending your photos in to be restored you will want to make sure and give them specific details on what you would like done to each photo. The technicians that do the photo restoration are very talented in restoring your old photos, but any help or advice on how the photo should look will end up giving you a better looking restored photo. Especially if the photo is severely damaged.

8mm Film Reels

Using A Professional Company To Transfer Your 8mm And Super 8 Film

Transferring your old regular 8mm or super 8 mm film to a digital format such as a DVD or hard drive is a great way to preserve your old home movies. Not only do they make a great gift especially around the holidays, it ensures that your film will be around for future family members to look into the past and share your memories.

The best way to have your film preserved is to use a professional company that does this everyday. They will have the experience necessary to give you a quality transfer. By using professional equipment they will be able to clean and lube your film which is important to guaranteeing a quality film transfer. Most film will only need a standard cleaning which means taking a silicone cloth and applying that to the film as it is run through a rewinding machine. At this time they will also be able to re-splice any broken film that may come up. This process does take a little longer for the technician to do, but in the end is going to give you a quality film to DVD transfer. This part of the process of cleaning and splicing is ignored by many companies. After the 8mm and super 8 film has been cleaned and lubed it is now time to have the technician transfer the film. Your film will be projected by an industrial grade film projector then picked up by a 3 chip broadcast camera. The technician will monitor the film as it is being process and will be able to do minor color correction as the transfer is being made. Any additional film restoration will be done in the computer once the transfer is complete.

In order to find a company that is capable of doing a quality film to DVD transfer it is best to go online and do your homework. Looking for a company in your area is beneficial since you can actually take your film straight to the company that is doing the work and not risk sending them out of the state or country. You also have a chance to meet the technician that is performing the work and can address him with any concerns. To search out a company in your area use a term like Film to DVD Phoenix and you should be able to find a local company.